How it works

Your kids have grown and you don’t know what to do with the kid’s clothes, shoes, toys, etc. Meanwhile you need to upgrade your kid’s closet with the new size clothes, age-appropriate toys and games, bedding, furniture? So Welcome to where you can post your kid’s pre-owned items, sell them by yourself, and make purchase from our website.


We are not a shop, we are online platform to help you to sell your kid’s pre-owned stuff and buy new ones. We are not a seller, we are providing place and possibility to post your item, contact with possible buyers and just sell it. You will need to register in our website, add item you would like to sell, upload photos of item and wait for the potential buyer to contact you. Any negotiation with buyer, shipping of item and receiving payments are under your personal management. We are just helping you through our online platform to find potential buyers.


You are ready to upgrade your kid’s closet, toy and games, bedding, furniture, etc? Welcome to online website, where you can find items you are interested in, negotiate with seller on final price and shipping methods, and make a purchase. You will need to register in our website, search for the items you are looking for, contact to seller and start negotiation. Any negotiation with seller, shipping methods, payments are under your personal management. We are just providing possibility to find items you are interested in and get connected with the seller.

How to buy

You are interested in buying an item and would like to start the process. Please login to the website, select an item you would like to buy and contact seller from there. As soon as you get reply from the seller, start negotiation on price, shipping and payment. If you and seller come to an agreement, just process the payment, inform seller on payment and expect to receive an item.

How to contact a seller

You can contact a seller only if you have logged in to the website. Select an item in which you are interested and from the item page write to a seller through Contact Seller button. If you have previously contacted to a seller, you can just go to your Messages Center and write to a seller from there.

How to make payment

We recommend secure payment methods, such as Paypal, for transactions. These methods are safe, secure and offer protection for both the buyer and the seller. Use a secure payment method and your transaction will be fully protected.

How to keep track of items

You can keep track of selected items by adding them to your wish list. Just select your item and add to Wish List from there. Then you can go to the Wish List from your account and keep track of items you have selected. You will see any update on the status, price, and number of views of any item added in wish list.

How to see all items of a seller

You would like to see all the items that specific seller has listed. Just go to the item page and click on the name of seller from there. You can see all the listings of that specific seller.

How to get details on an item

You are interested in an item and would like to get details. All the information that provided by the seller is on the item page. Here you can find details, size, color, material information, also see photos. There is some specific information provided by seller, such as condition, year purchased, if seller is original owner, have original receipt, how many people have reviewed an item, etc. In shipping and payment section you can find information on item location, seller's return policy, seller's accepted shipping and payment methods. All these information will help you to make a decision on buying an item.

How to see my (seller) listings

You are selling items and would like to see all your listing, just go to your account and select My Items section. There you can see all you listings.


The status of the item can be new or active. The new status means that you have started posting the item, but haven’t completed the process. The active status means that the item is in listings and available for the buyers.


You can see the proposed price of your items. You can change the price of the item from there directly. The price change will not change the status of your item.

Views & Inquiries

You can see how many people have reviewed the item and how many inquiries are there for that item.


You can update item details, remove the item or mark it sold. In order to make changes in item details, you can select Edit button and start updating item information. You can remove the item, which will still be in your listings, but will not be accessible for the buyers. You can re-list the removed item, if you go to the item details page and update the information.

If you have sold the item, please mark it as Sold, to remove it from the listings of active items.