You are interested in buying a goods and would like to start the process. Please login to the website, so if you search some items, you can have possibility to add them to the wish list or contact to sellers.

You are in the website, let’s start with the search. You can make a search from the home page by typing a keywords or you can select a department from the top menu.

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After making a search you are getting to the search results page, where you can see all the listings that fit your search criteria. Here you can make some filters to make listings less that can fit your searching requirements. You also can sort listings by price. All listings on the page have short item details, photos, selling price and discount (%). Discount is a percentage of the amount you saved compared with the retail price.

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You found an item and you would like to get more information on that particular item. Just click on the item and you will be moved to the item’s details page. Here you can find details, size, color, material information, also see photos.

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There is some specific information provided by seller for that item, such as condition, year purchased, if seller is original owner, have original receipt, how many people have reviewed an item, etc. In shipping and payment section you can find information on item location, seller's return policy, seller's accepted shipping and payment methods. All these information will help you to make a decision on buying an item.

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You have reviewed all the details of the item and you would like to make some actions. What you can do from this page.

1. See all listings of the seller, just click on the name of the seller and you will be moved to the page with all listings of that seller.

2. Contact seller by clicking on the “Contact Seller” button, writing a message to the seller, so seller will know that you are interested in the item. You can ask any questions, ask for more photos, and discuss item condition, location, payment and shipping. To see the message that you have sent by clicking on “Contact Seller” button, you will need to go to your Message Center, where you can see all your messages. You can find more information on Message Center from here .

3. Add item to wish list, if you like the item, but haven’t decided to contact seller and would like to keep track of that item. If you click on the “Wish List” button, item will be stored in you wish list. You can see your wish list from your account by clicking on “Wish list”.

4. Share this item via various online applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit.

So you have done all the steps and would like to buy a particular item. You should contact to the seller and start negotiations. You can ask any kind of information to be provided in regard to the item. You can negotiate on the price, payment and shipping methods. As soon you come to an agreement with seller, make a payment, send payment information to seller and ask for sending the item to you. You will need to provide address for the shipment. For payments, we recommend secure payment methods, such as Paypal, for transactions. These methods are safe, secure and offer protection for both the buyer and the seller. Use a secure payment method and your transaction will be fully protected.