You have already published your items and would like to see all your listings, just go to your account and select “My Items” section. There you can see all you listings.

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For each listing you have the following information:


The status of the item can be new or active. The new status means that you have started posting the item, but haven’t completed the process. The active status means that the item is in listings (published) and available for the buyers.


You can see the proposed price of your items. You can change the price of the item from this page. The price change will not change the status of your item.

Views & Inquiries

You can see how many people have reviewed the item and how many inquiries are there for that item.


You can update item details, remove the item or mark it sold.

In order to make changes in item details, you can select Edit button and start updating item information.

You can remove the item, which still be in your listings, but will not be accessible for the buyers.

You can re-list the removed item, if you go to the item details page and update the information.

If you are making any changes to the item details, your listing status becomes new. To publish the item, please go to the “Preview & Payment” page, accept terms and publish an item.

If you have sold the item, please mark it Sold, to remove it from the listings of active items.

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