Here are the steps how you can sell your items.

Step 1

In order to start item listing, please be registered through the Registration page.

You are already registered, login to the website from the Login page.

Step 2

Get access to your account by clicking on your user name from the homepage. Select department for the item, such as Clothes, Shoes, Toys & Games, etc. If there is a sub-department for your item, please select the appropriate one for your item. Image Alternative text

Step 3

Start putting details for your item, such as name, brand, color, size, etc. All fields marked (*) are mandatory. Put selling price for your item in the “Price” field, add retail price, so buyer can get information on the price you paid and price you are asking for that item. The condition and year purchased are also very important to be provided. Product location will give an understanding to the buyer on shipping. From Categories select all possible departments that can classify your item, you can choose many categories for one item. Image Alternative text

If you are unable to find the brand or color from the lists, you can add new brand or color. Please select “Please enter new brand” from the list, than “New Brand” field will become available. Put brand name in the “New Brand” field. Same is applied for the color.

Step 4

Put product description, included accessories (if available), details including fabric and care. Also provide information on item condition, if there are some defects, damages, anything. As much details you provide, the buyer will have more interest in your item. Image Alternative text

Step 5

This section is to get information on the shipping and payment methods that you accept. Usually shipping costs are covered by buyers, but you can select “To be negotiated” and later come to an agreement with buyer. At the end click on “Save listing” button. The information you provided will be saved in the website. If there are some errors, you will see the highlighted fields. Please complete the process by following the errors instructions. Image Alternative text

Step 6

After saving the listing, please go to the next section for uploading photos. You can go to “Upload Photos” section from the top of the page, by clicking on “Upload Photos” button, or from the down right-side by clicking on the “Continue to Upload Photos” button.

Step 7

In upload photos section add as much photos as you can. Make a high quality photos of the item you are selling. You can add one or two professional photos from the internet, but better to add actual photos with the current condition of the item. Image Alternative text

Step 8

To publish your listing, go the next page “Preview & Payment”. Currently there is no payment for posting the item, so you only need to read carefully and accept terms, and publish your listing.